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TAFEL presents SOUPER VI at Mercerie (bxl)

Welcome to SOUPER VI
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a cold Dionysian buffet in three courses for hot cheeks and red lips
Oscillating mouths
Osculating flavors
Or, watch your tongue when you’re near the fan
We could go back and forth about it
≈  ≈  ≈  ≈ 
Welcome to SOUPER VI

≈  30€ pp (drinks excl.)
≈  lunch/dinner hours tba
≈  reserve your seats via info@tafeltafel.com

os : mouth
oscillum : little face, mask
oscillare : to swing
dionysus : god of wine, dance, theatre, instinct, chaos

a long time ago
there were little faces swinging in vineyards
lucky charms with open mouths
played with by the wind
representing the head of the god of wine
and promising a fruitful harvest

moving back & forth
with open mouths
drinking wine & eating grapes
swinging & swinging there
for passions & doubts

thanks to Lukas De Clerck

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