my big bang was a wave
that slowly rolled nearer
and further and further
and filled my teacup
with warm springs and
cold rain
and I ask myself what it is
not to matter
and to be hollowed out
I lost time lost all
found you
while reading these teacup fossils
that move us
move an I that’s slowly
finding the pace of peace
slowly as I move
and circle around you
slowly as I move
loosing my shield like a
soft shell crab
peeing in puddles
while singing to the 

you’re inside the teacup
your tongue licks the last drips of earl grip
earl grey
swallowed into your body cave
the heat spills into the space
between lungs and ribcages
vibrating air
touching not touching your chest
feeling not feeling yourself
breathing to calm down
from the inside out
darkness spills over and covers the white bones
that now are hollow and ready to be played
soft hard hits
the darkness sings its rhythms and
the bones become a bag of ticking clocks
because time has stopped
you have stopped moving above them
thrown in the air they have become
played by the wind
stormy spreading
without light
to fill the gaps and holes
playing in eights
nine playing winds north south east west
and the in-betweens
shaping a totem
a house of horns
you used to drink from and defend yourself with
a tunnel in a tunnel
the deepest pore gushing out rose quartz
that’s supposed to be healing but
it’s not
it knows all is decay
drumsticks are whistles to pitch
into the tune and surrender
black bones are growing asymmetrically
and all you can do is stop and feel them and bloom

can this word touch your ears
while wetting my tongue
while drowning in the muddy mass
I once played in all
naked and
snotty and slimy
a steaming cage that
sucks and shuffles
can this word hold onto your ears
while radiating away linguistics
can I repeat myself
while throwing over board
my fingers, my eyes, my mouth
my skin and bones
and swim inside-inside
can I repeat myself
to echolocate you
*click click*
can I repeat-repeat
and would it reverse the distance
like an implosion
like shouting “echo” in
the well

it gives away its presence
by bouncing back the waves
the remnant
of consonant loss
of ebony hair
of vessels and bottles
of potpourri
of struggling words
of pompous bodies
showing itself for a while
sticking with a glue called time

gradually drop your face
and watch yourself rattling a song
clacking ex aequo
you left by speaking
took the passage through the glass glass galleries
for a bird’s eye view
for a magnet’s alternating poles
how to restore a *boing*
there is no *snap* you silly
there is a gate and a way around
which move you back and forth

feet moonwalking on the dancefloor to rewind
see the rippling water of the lake
and the music don’t feel like it did
when I felt it with you

guess that all is 
licking the chalk of my hands
rasping my skin 
spitting loose teeth in my palms
mute words dripping
after the battle of speech
and afterwards 
and the next
trying to be a gathering of
a. flutes
b. spines
c. swinging tongues
d. hollow
e. hanging at the lost and found
f. tingling
g. *clap*
i. a row of people reading fossils
m. (shape)
z. a collapse into one

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