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People love to wrap things up and I still can’t seem to understand why, even though it seems obvious.
Wrapping up gifts, as a surprise or disappointment to the person unwrapping. 
Wrapping up a conversation, boring as hell. 
Wrapping up their bodies on a cosy winter evening, blanket all around until they become the wrapping themselves.
Wrapping up a sandwich, to protect it from their purse. 
Wrapping up a building, just because they can.
“We make beautiful things, unbelievably useless, totally unnecessary”
Wrapping up a conversation. (Christo and Jean-Claude)
Wrapping up a lesson, making sure not to forget.
Wrapping up cauliflower or cherries, like we did on SOUPER III. (For those who would like to recreate, just unwrap these recipes).
And then there’s the unwrapping. There’s a little magic in peeling away the layers, just like the skins of an onion. Getting closer to the core, getting rid of the unnecessary.
And then I ask myself why I even want to know a person’s motive to wrap up and I laugh. I might be too wrapped up in my head, thinking and overthinking, adding unnecessary layers that blur my mind. It’s okay to wrap up stuff sometimes, I’m just gonna let it go.

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