Food     performance     SOUPER

SOUPER I took place at workspacebrussels, 10-02-2017;
Kunst&Zwalm art parcours, 03-09-2017;
in our living room, 03-10-2017.


TAFEL was created as a website, a virtual world. During our residency in workspacebrussels (Feb 2017) we aimed to concretize the table conceptually and physically: these encounters are called SOUPER.

SOUPER can be transformed, expanded or exchanged at any moment. It became a hybrid form, floating between an online platform and real life matter and encounters. This multifunctional table is the starting point to connect concepts and ideas. Its appearance and materiality will be explored and as time passes by, forms will follow functions.
SOUPER kindly invites everyone to gather around the table, stand, take a seat, eat, listen, taste, write, love, talk, laugh, touch, sweat, cry, yell, beat, hide, crawl, break, cough, snor, cut, shelter, dance, transform, or just do the dishes.

The menu we’re offering at our first SOUPER is based on three traditional and tasty dishes of the Belgian cuisine. With great care we prepared this meal and picked the finest ingredients, which means local, organic and fresh.

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