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I think the following texts are SOS messages. Save our souls.  I don’t presume it will make a lot of sense, but you must know I tried (briefly).
I want to send my love to

LAIKA the dog
the Great Barrier Reef
dusk and dawn
Tropicana Bar Brussels
Conversations over dinner
the mines

Don’t wonder why exactly these subjects were chosen. It is arbitrary, and therefore I want to apologize to everyone / anything that feels left behind. 
I hope my next lyrics will be more inclusive and make it up to you somehow. For now, I suggest you to connect to one of the 7 themes.

#1 SOS

laika the dog, message to outer space. my dear cosmic being, shiny being, wonder ball, queen bee. my dear thing of pure beauty. o how i admire you, and love all of you and every bit of you. your blood pumping up and down and up and down. dearest, listen to what i say. you’ll have what you want sometime soon. you’ll have what you want little bee. honey is near. we’re brewing the sauce to your joy. we’ll serve it hot and it will taste delicious. your soul will have so much soul for it to become pure body. you’ll be indigo, ultraviolet, like a star not sure if still shining or already gone. show us the light!

#2 SOS

the great barrier reef is bleaching; o the water is so warm o the water is so warm
I want to kiss its salty lips; want to feel and fill the deep and hidden paradise with drips of sweat. but the water is so deep; my body awkward
I missed the feast

#3 SOS from dusk til dawn

tonight is tonight and tonight is a good night. sun comes up sun shines bright sun goes down. and i sold my soul and i sold yours too. for the night to be long and warm. for the sun to rise another day. tonight is tonight and tonight is a trip. as only the fools know and only the brave live. dare to hit. liberate your luck. take the stick. take the stick. take. the. stick

#4 SOS

tropicana. rien est trop tropicana. tropicana de mes rêves, j’adore que je déteste, j’adore que je déteste. tu sais tropicana, t’es aimable, plein de chaleur de couleur de douleur. pleurez-pas Tropicana, pleurez-pas. t’es n’importe quoi, femme lèvres rouges homme lèvres rouges. tu m’as dis, rien touche à tout et je t’embrasse. (SOUPER II)

#5 SOS. drunk. o so drunk I will lick my own tears

#6 The conversation during dinner made clear they were thinking about, questioning the Same – be it the ever Very Different. As if they faced the same formula yet to be written. The formula for Change and the way this life or meaning unfolds itself, unfolds the folds of itself. (SOUPER V)

#7 there are two paths and I forgot, but it had something to do with the eyes that can’t see what the hearts already know – my heart is a rock, and my eyes are blind in a mine like mine; the darkness made me forget I guess. it said: the depth of you flesh is black; go down down down and together we’ll remember. this mine is mine, because I’m sure to find black coal and granite and slate, no gold that ruins us all, no glitter, no sight, buit ruins, dark ruins and sighs. I petrified myself. there are two paths and I lost track, I’m going somewhere, upstairs, inwards, downfalls, rising, rising, blinding. o hear all this, before all is fossilized, I say power to the people, I say stone the cold hearted one, in the end there must be light.


the beginning was an ending. a dot. a capital letter. in a glimpse. You read. Read me. in a beat without a heart. words without weight don’t last for long. You, wait. waiting doesn’t pay. everything moves past. slow. or late. we are bigger than ourselves.

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