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in your sadness the colors of the houses have become pale
the stray dogs stiff and rough by dried up dust
they ran into sweat for you

the blanket under which you’re asleep doesn’t warm up and only covers the sallowness nearly

you’re listening to the singing of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and you ask yourself how such a song can ever be understood by the protagonists themselves

you think of who you could have been and it doesn’t feel as loss (anymore)
it feels like a blink of your eyes which lasts just long enough to be noticed by surprise

you hear the rain falling down and you hear the rain falling down
the sweat turns into puddles of mud, the dogs slip and slide and bark to proof they didn’t fall effortless and again there’s is the singing

and it seems to come from within
Aeneas shouts and Dido weeps and Dido shouts and Aeneas weeps
you wonder who should be comforted first

how can you describe the loss of a feeling? which words can carry the weight of your guts? that’s the paradox, your belief to float away under a cold blanket by using meta language on meta love is a mere illusion

and Dido kisses Aeneas without restraints, passionately
the restoration of a feeling creates another feeling, unfelt, yet the lost is lost and you finally understand sadness is just a metaphor for the joy to come

it’s time to let the dogs in

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